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Who We Are

Welcome to Gabafric Shipping and Logistics. We are a leading international shipping and logistics company that leverages digital technology, experience, and a wide network of partners to facilitate prompt delivery of goods from the USA to Ghana. We are committed to quality service, professionalism, and competitive pricing. We offer online shopping, airfreight, sea freight, and pick up services from the USA to Ghana. Our purpose is to provide a seamless online shopping experience in the USA, coupled with a fast and secured delivery service to any location in Ghana. In this current trend of global shopping, residents of Ghana can enjoy the benefits of the various e-commerce shopping platforms to get the quality product they want from any store in the US and have it delivered safely to them in Ghana. We are a solution-oriented company that blends logistics and freight shipping capabilities with a competent and effective delivery strategy to take packages, goods, items, or products purchased from an online store in the US to the waiting hands of the receiver in Ghana without taking too long. Whether you can shop on your own for the goods you want or want us to shop for you, we provide fully integrated and comprehensive solutions that suit our customers' needs. If your package is a single item, or you are looking to ship bulk goods to Ghana, we remain your reliable partner in achieving your goal. We have delivered thousands of packages, including cars, to various destinations in Ghana. Our pride is in our honesty, transparency, and efficiency in ensuring that customers promptly receive their packages without unnecessary hassles or unending wait. Contact us, let us thrill you with our superior shipping and logistics service. Your online shopping experience will take a new dimension that allows you to reside in Ghana, shop in the US, and receive the goods without leaving your comfort zone.